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Symion is a commercial and industrial technology group.

We provide specialised products and services in the fields of:

  • Safety and security technology;

  • Industrial automation, robotics and intelligent manufacturing;

  • Smart buildings and cities;

  • Renewable energy generation, storage and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Collaborative Technology

We believe that the rise of interconnected devices and cyber-physical systems will lead to profound change in the way that cities, factories, buildings and infrastructure operate. We believe that this silent revolution is likely to bring significant opportunities for companies positioned to take advantage of this trend. In order to maximise these opportunities, our businesses within our group share our ethos of collaboration and interconnectivity to give clients the most secure, seamless, cost-effective and efficient service possible.

As a group we are collaborative, future-focused, continually evolving and optimistic. Symion – together we go.

Symion focuses on three areas of the value chain:


Design, installation, integration and maintenance of interconnected systems on site


The supply of technical products relevant to the industries we serve


Asset management, remote monitoring and consulting services to our key verticals

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